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Many advocates of Web freedom were convinced that Craigslist hadn't really surrendered. They were certain that the website only appeared to have thrown in the towel last week in its long-running legal battle over the that appeared on its s under the heading "adult services.

Local Sluts in South Carolina, USA

Surely there had to be another chapter in the contest between one of the most popular sites on the Web and a cadre of some 40 states attorneys general who had loudly demanded that Craigslist remove a category for that they said were nothing more than fronts for prostitution? But it turned out to be wishful thinking.

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It is our sincere hope that law enforcement and advocacy groups will find helpful partners there. The turnabout confirms the worst fears of some Internet-advocacy groups that had urged Craigslist to stand up to what they called a campaign of intimidation.

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The shuttering of the "adult services" category which had been called "erotic services" until last year came shortly after a South Carolina judge threw out the site's lawsuit against the state's attorney general, Henry McMaster. Craigslist had consistently fought attempts to control its content, arguing that federal law provides powerful, and essential, protection against liability for websites whose users post inappropriate content.

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Last year, it sued in federal court in Charleston, alleging a campaign of intimidation at the hands of McMaster, who had targeted the as a front for prostitution. That was its response to McMaster's raising the ante in the wake of the so-called Craigslist-killer case in New York last year, when he told the company and its executives they had 10 days to remove the or face investigation and possible prosecution under state law as an accessory to prostitution.

On the 10th day, Craigslist filed suit to stop the threats. For example, if a Yahoo!

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And if prostitutes want to use Craigslist to meet clients, despite the company's strong warnings that such are illegal, then the sex workers and their johns should be targeted, not the site, says Professor Eric Goldman of the Santa Clara University School of Law, who is one of the country's top experts on the CDA. McMaster says he and the other attorneys general had every right to try to shame Craigslist into dropping theno matter what federal law says. They are harmful, and I don't know what Craigslist was thinking when they allowed them in the first place.

After the murders happened in New York, we asked again, and then gave a deadline to take the off, or they'd be investigated. And if proof was found that they knew an ad was for prostitution and kept it up there, then we'd prosecute them.

South Carolina Sluts

If by prostitutes reappear anywhere else on the site, local law enforcement will seek proof that the company has knowledge of their connection to the sex trade. If they find such proof, Craigslist may find itself back in court in South Carolina, this time facing criminal charges.

Local Sluts in South Carolina, USA

We said we would prosecute them if an investigation shows they do. And we still would.

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Local Sluts in South Carolina, USA

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