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If I lived in Nashville, I'd totally buy it. Looks like it'd make a good junkyard set. I know a bunch of you guys are always keeping your eyes out for older model XJ shop manuals. Possibly gonna go take a look at it this weekend just wanted to see if anyone on here knows anything about it. He said it's 4. Not on craigslist, but at the local pull-a-part in Charlotte there is an 89 MJ and its pretty well intact. I wish I coiuld hook you guys up and get you parts, but unless you want me to swing down there on the weekend you are S.

I understand these are rare to come by, so that's the reason I wanted to post this FYI guys! Does anyone know the guy with the 97 2 door for sale by any chance? I've ed him but haven't heard from him and I really want to buy his xj. More engine, drivetrain parts. Added bonus, it's 5 on 4. I'd recommend a 31 spline upgrade at least for wheeling.

South Carolina Sluts

JC Whitney has an internet special going on. AT's go alot of places but not in MUD. Plus, mud isn't good.

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Stay on the hard stuff! I have heard that LKQ is about the only place in the Raleigh area that has a decent selection of stuff. Nick - you heading out there again anytime soon? Is there an entrance fee? I may be headed out there Saturday, I'll let you know if I am. Head is off but oh well. I talked him out of this on Monday, but stay tuned he is very unstable.

Just hope he parts it. We all can get some expensive parts for very cheap.

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His new ature should be "Here today, gone tomorrow. Rubicon Moab rims. The tailgate has been trimmed a bit to make room for the 3x8 rectangular metal tube bumper and there are no hinges on the tailgate currently. The interior is the stock 87 black interior and it looks pretty good, but the engine is kind of a dog, and the transmission manual 4 speed might need some work I would definitely pass at that price point.

Ah damn, I'd like to get me some of that tire carrier. He said it was a brand new tank - but I wasn't sure if anyone makes replacement ones. Is it just me or does that pattern look less than perfect?? I guess it's perfect for CL Not even miles on it. Detroit locker with spline axles Yukon 3. Check out this sweet Wagoneer Compact. Gotta wonder if something is really wrong? They dont say if it's a 4x4 or 4x2.

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I'd say 4x2. No diff in the front shot. Look at the sharp eye on Mark :D.

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Are you sure it's not one of those high clearance D30s. They did a lot of grinding and clearancing, but yeah, I suppose it could be Grey interior, limited leather power seats in decent shape, full gauge cluster and CB installed. Pontiac hood vents installed. The front bumper is an Olympic with Warn M with wire rope, having a problem with the solenoid pack. Rear bumper is a homemade.

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PS pump needs replaced. Front axle: 76 Ford HP44, narrowed to Wagoneer width I kinda watch the local CL a lot. Maybe someone needs a transfer case or axles, etc.? I am selling parts. Anything else you need just call and ask. Set of Black Steelies. Look to be 8 inches wide. Very Driveable.

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Call, Or Text Serious Inquiries Only Please. I personally hate them, but know some people like them. That's exactly the truck I need right now Still haven't gotten my stupid tax return though. Here's a great deal! Jeeps with rims are a waste To each their own, I guess. With no extra pics, it's hard to tell in this case, tho. Charlotte's pullapart Pretty base model sport, but intact and not rotted out Still in original packaging.

This will allow you to run 32x Please reply via or you can reach me at Ask for Thor Local pickup or possibly meet you somewhere depending on location. I would if I had the expendable money right now.

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Going into deployment is always expensive Also, I'll get back just in time to file taxes. I won't be posting the good deal I find then. I go by there every day. I know you can't say when exactly The kit includes the better "super flex" control arms, coil springs and full 3.

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The shocks with the kit are Rubicon Express Monotube shocks, one of the best quality shocks on the market. I am including a Rubicon Express Adjustable track bar as well. I had this kit on my 96 cherokee for 2 years and less than miles. I recently upgraded to a new long arm suspension kit, so I no longer need this kit. This is a great riding well performing kit that will easily clear 31" tires. I have all hardware for the kit, also u bolts for use with either the dana 35 rear or chrysler 8.


Swaybar quick disk connect kit included as well. I feel like this is a great deal for someone looking to get their Cherokee in the air and put a good set of tires on. Kit performs well off road. If you purchase the kit before next weekend Ill throw in a set of Cragar 15x8 soft 8 wheels bolt pattern 5x4.

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Call Tyson at anytime before 9 pm. Detroit Locker for Front Dana Its not an XJ, but it is a Jeep! ZIP: 29414 29424 29455 29407 29401 29403 29409 29492 29412 29402 29413 29417 29422 29425 29457

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