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Track had only been at the halfway house since December 5, Palin is an Iraq war veteran and his mother believes post-traumatic stress disorder has contributed to his erratic behavior. It is time for this Defendant to face an actual sanction and to adhere to the terms of the agreement he made.

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Arizona : Levian Pacheco, 25, was convicted in September on seven counts of abusive sexual contact with a ward and three counts of sexual abuse of a ward, and sentenced to 19 years in federal prison on January 14, Southwest Key, a Texas-based nonprofit, is the largest contract provider of shelters for migrant children in the U. Pacheco abused seven teenage boys between August and July who were being held at Casa Kokopelli pending possible deportation. Assistant U. California : Two convicted murderers on death row at San Quentin died by apparent suicides over a three-day period; each was found during a routine security check.

Andrew Urdiales, 54, was found in his solitary confinement cell on November 2, at p. The eight-time serial killer had been at the prison less than a month. Virendra Govin, 51, was found two days later at p. Govin and his brother, Pravin Govin, 49, were convicted in of strangling four family members of a rival business owner, then setting their house on fire. Virendra Govin had been on death row since January The two suicides did not appear to be related. California prison officials said 25 death row prisoners have committed suicide since the state reinstated the death penalty in Governor Gavin Newsom placed a moratorium on executions in March California : Nicolas Dunning, 32, apparently wanted to ring in the New Year outside a prison work camp.

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He was discovered missing on the morning of December 31, Dunning was ased to the minimum-security Konocti Conservation Camp as a firefighter during the rash of wildfires in the state last year. The Riverside County Gang Impact Team, comprised of state, local and federal agencies, apprehended Dunning during a a. He was taken to Calipatria State Prison, then later transferred to the California Correctional Center in Susanville pending new charges. Dunning had been serving a five-year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon before absconding.

China : China is working toward a cashless economy with apps like Alipay and WeChat. Prisoners scan their individual code to shop using an intranet platform on authorized interactive devices.

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They quarreled over a TV remote control, which led to a fight and an unconscious Pena being transported to a hospital, where he died a week later. The defense plans to appeal. Colorado : Ponzi schemer and federal prisoner Alan May remains on the lam. The government shutdown in December prevented U. May reportedly facilitated his escape using a contraband cell phone.

May had nine years left to serve on his year sentence when he escaped. Florida : Cheryl Williams and her mother, Carol Bareis, lived together in an Altamonte Springs trailer park when they were stabbed to death in Their undocumented Honduran neighbor, Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin, was convicted of their murders and remained on death row for 10 years.

With the help of the Innocence Project and the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, blood stains from the crime scene were analyzed.

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The new team discovered that Samantha Williams, who lived with the victims, had confessed to the murders several times to friends. Inshe had testified to having severe mental illness and anger problems. The Florida Supreme Court ordered a new trial in During jury selection on November 5,State Attorney Phil Archer announced he was dropping all charges against Aguirre-Jarquin, who was released but may now face deportation proceedings.

York, 74, filed a lawsuit in U. The group maintained a compound in Putnam County with Egyptian-themed building features from until it was sold under government forfeiture by the U. County officials raised concerns after an unusually high of teenage Nuwaubians were having babies. He had ly claimed diplomatic immunity from prosecution as the consul general of Monrovia, Liberia. Petty was arrested on February 2, and charged with four felony counts of sexual contact with a prisoner. Petty, 48, worked in the kitchen at the Blaine County Detention Center, where prisoners help with food prep and cleanup.

Prisoners who work in the kitchen are supervised by Summit Food Services staff, jail guards and video surveillance.

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The mentally ill prisoners formerly housed at Larned were moved to the El Dorado Correctional Facility in the summer ofand Larned became a bed unit for young adult male offenders in need of educational and substance abuse services. Prisoners at the facility are generally between 18 to 25 years old.

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Twenty of those prisoners were charged on February 6, with incitement to riot, criminal damage to property and rioting that lasted two-and-a-half hours in the medium-security Central Unit on November 6, There was extensive property damage, but no staff or prisoner injuries were reported. Probable cause affidavits were submitted to Pawnee County Attorney Doug McNett on February 1, following an investigation by Kansas prison officials. The jail is operated by LaSalle Corrections, a private company that manages 18 facilities in Louisiana, Texas and Georgia. The prisoners climbed over the perimeter fence at a.

Three were recaptured fairly quickly. Several agencies, including the state wildlife and fisheries department, and teams from nearby prisons, were called in to help capture the other escapees. All seven prisoners were ed for by p.

Madison high schoolers were allowed to go home by 5 p. Except for Joshua Lewis, who was serving 20 years for manslaughter, the other prisoners were in jail on various robbery charges.

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Phillips is Terminally [sic] ill within the meaning of the statute. Baker had ed the compassionate release legislation into law in April Michal Figura, 36, another member of the group, as well as two guards, were also injured in the attack, which involved seven prisoners and at least one shank. An autopsy revealed that Maire had received multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. The Bureau of Prisons treated the incident as a targeted homicide.

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FCI Milan was short-staffed that week due to the federal government shutdown. Maire had served less than one month of his year sentence; he had formed the nine-man online group in The FBI finally shut it down in The members of the group posed as teenage boys, using fake profiles with pictures lifted from popular social media sites. They convinced more than girls to engage in sexual conduct over webcams, then shared the videos.

New Jersey : Avril D. Richardson, 45, was scheduled for a court appearance on January 11, to face second-degree sexual assault charges.

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It was unclear whether she was required to post bond. She said it was common to look up such information for prisoners. The new charge caused the prisoner to be held at the jail for an extra day.

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Deputy administrator Daniel Webb told investigators that jail officials wanted to pursue criminal charges against Begay, who was booked into the San Juan County jail on charges of felony false imprisonment, computer abuse and tampering with public records. Her preliminary hearing in Aztec Magistrate Court was scheduled for November 20,and she has since been fired. James Smith was rushed to a hospital, then transferred to Duke Medical Center.

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After initial improvement, he died on January 9, due to a stroke. These are good men and they showed it with their actions. He was a quiet man and a good guy to work for.

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He was a real good guy. A search of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville uncovered a fake explosive device, three fake handguns and drawings of handguns. The fake explosive was made of grout shavings, batteries, copper wire from ear buds and a small radio. The guns looked like Glocks and were made from bars of soap, battery casings, pieces of eyeglasses and carbon paper from prison-dispensed legal kits.

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